Workplaces that Inspire

Good workplaces are many things—welcoming, vibrant, light-filled, and driven by a mission. They promote well-being. At their essence, they provide a comfortable environment where service is at the forefront. 

At KSS, good workplaces come to life through our design process, where we work hand-in-hand with clients to craft designs that are economical, sustainable, and reflect the dignity of both employees and those being served. We believe a great workplace can be the heart of urban renaissance—places where people can come together to live, work, play, and collaborate.

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite workplaces designed with innovation, tact, and intuition to achieve our clients’ vision.

KSS_Allergan_02.jpgA sophisticated lobby space at Allergan corporate offices

KSS_Berlitz_01.jpegCollaboration pods at Berlitz office

KSS_Burlington 1830_01.jpgModern furnishings at Burlington Stores corporate offices

KSS_Burlington_02.jpgOutdoor employee break space at Burlington Stores Headquarters

KSS_Burlington_03.jpgA vibrant, collaborative energy permeates Burlington’s café area

KSS_FRC_02-small.jpgOriginal brick work highlights the industrial, craftsman style at First Round Capital

KSS_Princo_01.jpgPrinceton University Investment Company’s welcoming, fresh offices

KSS_PU701_02.jpgPrinceton University’s stately 701 Carnegie Center

KSS_Sparks_01.jpgThe vibrant, punchy workspace at Sparks

KSS_TJU_01.jpgThe genius bar collaborative space at Thomas Jefferson University’s IT offices

KSS_Mathematica_03.jpgPanels of color make Mathematica’s workplace pop