Sven Schroeter Joins KSS as Director of Interior Architecture in Philadelphia

Sven Schroeter, AIA NCARB recently joined KSS Architects as Director of Interior Architecture based in Philadelphia. An architect of visionary pragmatism, Sven brings to KSS experience and perspective that complement the firm’s focus on creating innovative places that span building archetypes and unlock potential. Our shared emphasis on an interdisciplinary design approach, one informed by the intersection of diverse experiences, ideas, and interests, has formed the foundation of an exciting working relationship.

For the last two decades, Sven’s work—including a recent focus on emergent, experiential workplaces—has been inspired by the intersections between environmental design, the arts, science, technology, and the complex life of cities. Initially an undergraduate in chemical engineering, Sven changed course to architecture, to integrate these varied interests through his work. Formative professional experiences at Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in New York set the trajectory for Sven’s market-spanning work, including projects for commerce, education, housing, and civic institutions.

With this broad perspective and his passion for solving complex problems, Sven brings a unique sensitivity to clients’ wide-ranging needs and goals. His diverse background and interests have informed an approach to projects that balances the qualitative with the quantitative, the abstract and visionary with the concrete realities of materiality, building technology, and construction—a visionary pragmatism applied at all scales, from a square inch of furniture to square miles of a city. This approach has produced spaces and buildings that are unique expressions of their time, place, and culture.

KSS Architects’ intense focus on ‘why’—why we learn, why we work, why we play—helps us to understand the impetus behind a project and to craft environments for learning, commerce, and community that have purpose and make impact. Sven was drawn to KSS for this reason—he is most excited by understanding a client’s needs, challenges, and aspirations and then resolving those through built spaces and experiential environments.