What will industrial development look like post COVID-19?

Commerce had begun to change before the outbreak of COVID-19; from the exponential trajectory of e-commerce, to the rise in consumer demand for more immediate goods, to the rise of urban industrial development to fulfill last mile needs. The unknowns of this novel virus have accelerated that change to a tipping point at which the structures of commerce, and the development that supports it, may be altered for good. 

What will new commerce look like and what will be the industrial development response to support it? 

To explore the answer to that question, KSS Partner Ed Klimek explores the business model of Amazona company that had already set change in motion, and the one company that may have grown the most as result of demand driven by the impact of COVID-19as a lens for the future of industrial development. Ed offers his perspective as a architectural designer on the industrial development that will bring the most value in a post COVID-19 world on NAIOP’s Market Share Blog. 

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