Construction Technology Corporation

Ener-G Rudox Production Facility

East Rutherford, NJ

Project Details

Ener-G Rudox Production Facility

When Rudox Engine & Equipment Company merged with the ENER-G Group to form ENER-G Rudox, they needed a cutting-edge manufacturing space that would seamlessly integrate their combined technologies and processes. With over 60+ years of experience in energy and over 4,000 world-wide installs, ENER-G Rudox delivers the world’s best cogeneration, energy efficiency, and backup power generation solutions to the US market. 

KSS spearheaded an approach focused on understanding the production process, molding the facility around process needs. Recognizing the client’s desire to maximize the existing structure’s full potential, KSS worked extensively with the local approvals office to arrange a process that would allow the building to remain on an existing flood plain. The resulting interior and exterior environments, including a new slab, daylit offices, storage, multiple scales of test cells, and assembly spaces, fit within an economical floor plan that harnesses the value of the existing building elements. 

A beacon of the company’s identity, ENER-G Rudox’s fresh take celebrates and elevates the deeply interwoven project management, production, design, service, maintenance, and design groups. With a building that responds to the needs and future of industry, ENER-G Rudox showcases and delivers the best in energy.

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