Saul Ewing

Wilmington Legal Offices

Wilmington, DE

Project Details

Wilmington Offices

With a progressive vision to modernize their Wilmington offices, Saul Ewing and KSS partnered in discovering the right home to accommodate a growing office that was outpacing its dated space. Across multiple sites in the burgeoning hub of Wilmington’s business district, KSS conducted half a dozen test fits to fully explore the potential of the existing offices and relocations. After comprehensive studies of office configurations and floor plans informed by key leadership insight, KSS developed a fitting move to 1201 North Market Street. 

Situated on the top floor, the new office design capitalizes on a prime vantage point overlooking Wilmington’s commercial heart. Electrified glass offers opportunities for private conferences as well as generous, transparent views through the meeting rooms. The commons embody an organizational push for quality spaces  of engagement - flexibly accommodating events, visitors, and attorneys for agile, responsive use throughout the week. With adjacencies to fully glass conference and lunch rooms, the new office represents a sense of continuity and visual coherence that encourages employee interaction, inclusiveness, and identity.

KSS manifested Saul Ewing’s envisioned desire for a clean, fresh new office through cheerful, lighter materials and color selection. Side lights adjacent to doors introduce natural daylighting without sacrificing security and privacy. With respect to the firm’s deep roots in history, the team collaborated on delivering a beautiful and professional space commensurate with the quality and reputation of Saul Ewing’s legal services.

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