Bracco Diagnostics: Life from Inside

Expressing corporate identity is one of the design hallmarks at KSS. This was brought to artistic levels at the new Corporate Headquarters for Bracco Diagnostics in the Matrix Corporate Campus in Monroe, New Jersey. Learning how Bracco’s unique technology and processes help physicians better visualize medical imagery, KSS decided to take the concept to an architectural scale.

After being given images that had been prepared using Bracco’s technology, KSS’s design team, Douglas Woodward, Alexis Baran, and partner Ed Klimek expanded, composed, colored and layered the images so that they could be applied to glass panels that would be used in Bracco’s new space. Plotted at near full scale, the images were displayed in the KSS studio space where the client team joined in an exhibition and critique to choose images and marry the vision of corporate culture, medical visualization, and architecture.

Now complete, these eight foot tall glass panels line the exterior glass façade and along the connecting gallery space of the new office. Inside they reinforce identity and provide visual cues to important places while on the outside and visible from the New Jersey Turnpike, they express the unique and Bracco expressed identity: “Life from Inside.”