How to accelerate a campus culture of entrepreneurship

Innovation has an identity crisis—only 12% of innovators are women, less than 8% of US-born innovators are minorities , and the vast majority of innovation happens in companies with 500+ employees. The kicker? Only 1 in 5 innovations are the product of collaborations.

Higher education faces one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st Century—harnessing university resources to enact a culture of entrepreneurship on campus. College campuses are ripe to spark innovation—higher education’s wide scope of ideas, perspectives, and systems are ideal breeding grounds for community, commercial, and creative partnerships.

Join us at ACUI 2017, for a special panel on innovation in the University setting:

Accelerating a Campus Culture of Entrepreneurship” on Wednesday, March 22nd at 8:30am will discuss how campuses can expedite programs where students, faculty, and key collaborators come together to build a new tomorrow. 

Panelists include:

The panel will directly address how leadership can deploy resources in service of the institutional mission to create a community of entrepreneurship. Using the new Pennovation Center as a project that ”illustrates the best of public-private partnerships”, the conversation will explore strategies in planning for future growth, and translating new ideas and research into ventures and services that will directly benefit current and future students, research grants, and initiatives. 

Register now for ACUI 2017, to be held March 19–23, 2017, in Philadelphia, PA.

While you’re there, drop by and say hello—we’ll be at booth 607 in the Exhibitor Hall.

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