How a workplace should feel in the knowledge economy

The gig economy. Workplace culture. Technology-richness. Knowledge workers. Today’s business world is about much more than what is done—it’s about how and why.

People work to achieve a sense of meaningful fulfillment. A job is valuable because of the vast spectrum of human needs it helps to fulfill — from the resources to provide shelter and security to the self-value and self-actualization people feel when they do something meaningful.

Even when the granularity of what we do is precise and fine, we see responses to the question of how we work as macro-concepts — movements like the gig economy, culture, and technology shape a cohesive narrative of work that extends into the future.

At its simplest, the knowledge economy is the creation of value through the creation and dissemination of knowledge, rather than tangible goods. Think patents, not machines. Think software, not equipment.

So, what does the workplace look like in a world where we derive greater and greater value from businesses participating in this knowledge economy?

We see three central themes:

  • Innovation driven by inquiry
  • Global culture, local color
  • Synergies in experiential design

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