Transforming the Heart of Campus

It takes an electrifying force to revive a faltering heart, and the same could be said for the Brower Student Center at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). Since 1855, TCNJ has evolved into one of the premiere liberal arts colleges in the region and the nation, recognizing that quality of place is critical to student success. The student center acts as the heart of its campus, but the building was struggling to keep up with its students’ changing needs. To jolt the Brower Center back to life, KSS sought to transform the solid mass of masonry, steel, and concrete by weaving it together with the campus fabric and student life. 

A Meaningful Transformation. The Student Center’s rebirth offers clear opportunities, pathways, and appealing destinations. Internal walls have been broken down to reveal spaces for meetings and events, collaborating, and relaxing. With generous staircases, the community is now seamlessly connected to all areas of the building. Warm materials are accented by gracious windows providing effusive daylight and engaging views. The renovation schemes incorporate building additions, thoughtfully positioned to create prominent exterior spaces while framing significant features of the center. KSS turned the Brower Center inside-out by opening the building to the campus, enhancing its connection to the site, and thus elevating its interaction with the students it diligently serves. 

Food & Community. Dining has also been strategically re-envisioned. From early breakfast to late night snacks, from “marketplace” dining to restaurant and coffee bar seating, the new offering anticipates student needs and responds with innovative food choices, freshly prepared and delivered in enticing, comfortable environments. 

Architecture Meets Art.The project included a NJ Arts Commission investment – designers collaborated with an artist to highlight an art installation on the Campus Walk entry. 

Now a strong and healthy heart, the Brower Student Center is a destination that revitalizes student life. A true home away from home, it has the power to inspire students to achieve more, bring success to the institution, and build further upon a growing community that embodies the future of higher education.