Peace on Earth

Happiest of holidays from all of us at KSS Architects!

For the first time ever, integrated multi-story distribution is coming to New York City. 2505 Bruckner Boulevard is a place where demand drives value. KSS’s design heralds the future of industry and the future of cities—a future built by people to fulfill human needs.

2505 Bruckner Boulevard | Bronx, New York 

KSS Architecture Signatures

In honor of our work together both past & future, we contributed to the following causes:

By working with investors and companies, Ceres creates economic solutions to the world’s biggest sustainability challenges—including climate change, water scarcity & pollution, and human rights abuses. Ceres catalyzes the flow of capital to protect our economy and our planet.

Evidence Action
To measurably reduce the burden of poverty for hundreds of millions of people, Evidence Action incubates evidence-based innovations in developing countries. Evidence Action’s interventions rigorously identify, test, and scale cost-effective & high-impact solutions to issues of health, clean water, and education access.