KSS Architects Promotes Seven Employees to Associate

KSS Architects, a national architecture, interior design, and planning firm, is proud to announce the promotion of Stephanie Breslin, Vincent DiMaria, Margaret Gregg, Colleen Grogan, Jennie Himler, Ryan Kane, and Raymond Sova to Associate. Each individual recognized has made a unique impact on the firm and continues to elevate its success through their contributions.


Stephanie Breslin Major understands that everything is seen differently through the eye of a designer. She started at KSS as a recent graduate and made an immediate impact, successfully collaborating with clients and bringing a strong sense of design leadership to any team she joins. The leader of our Community Design Group, Stephanie has helped bring home several Golden Cone awards from Philadelphia’s annual Parking Day, and has become an integral member of the KSS community.   

Mayva Donnon, Partner at KSS says, “Stephanie is distinguished by her intuitive and agile design sensibility. She is poised and skillful with clients building their trust in her throughout the project process. Stephanie, incredibility humble in nature, is extremely strong at fostering the quality of design leadership throughout the firm. She encourages others to take on initiatives and grow as individuals though her leadership of the Community Design Group.”


Vincent DiMaria, RA is a proud Philadelphian who is passionate about the intersections of society and the built environment. In his time at KSS he’s proven to be calm and collected under pressure, bringing the spirit of collaboration and a focus on effective communication to all of his projects. Vin is interested in the personal aspects of design and finds inspiration in observing and learning how people shape and are shaped by spaces.

Matt McChesney, Partner at KSS says, “Vin has grown tremendously over the past few years into a very strong Project Architect, not only leading clients through programming and conceptual design but by also taking more ownership of project delivery. He takes charge on the job site and creatively addresses the client’s needs and achieving design excellence through his work.”

Margaret Gregg, RA is driven by a passion for socially and environmentally responsible design. She believes that thoughtful and intentional design can positively impact the lives of everyday people and applies this belief to urban industrial architecture, notably multistory integrated development.

Edmund Klimek, Partner at KSS says, “One word can describe Margaret, brilliant. Margaret has developed and presented some of the firm’s most influential ideas to broad audiences of leaders, clients, academics, and designers.  She is also deeply involved in turning those ideas into reality, as she takes a primary role in the execution of some of the largest and most complex projects in the office.”


Colleen Grogan, NCIDQ is dedicated to continually pushing the creative envelope on behalf of her clients. As an interior designer, she values the details that go into constructing a space and is motivated by challenging renovations and

adaptive reuse projects that result in creative design solutions. Colleen’s industry experience includes space planning, feasibility studies, and extensive casework detailing for academic, adaptive reuse and historic preservation, workplace, high-end retail, and conference center projects.

Petar Mattioni, Partner at KSS says, “Colleen has been with the firm for a relatively short time but has made tremendous impact. She builds trust with clients through her work as she effortlessly provides guidance and leadership to navigate complex challenges and ensure successful delivery of some of our most impactful projects. Colleen’s enthusiasm is contagious, she is fully invested in everything she does. She is committed to elevating design and has contributed to our growth across multiple markets.” 


Jennie Himler, RA views architecture not as a profession, but a lifestyle. Through experiences in nature and studying cities and their people, Jennie creates imaginative architecture that is inspired by its surroundings. She is passionate

about understanding the relationships between people and their built environment and believes that architecture can provide the sense of belonging and identity people crave.

Scot Murdoch, Partner at KSS says, “Jennie has been with KSS for almost her entire career, from an intern, to now a Project Architect, she has brought tremendous talent and contributions to the firm. She works to break down design problems, and then build up creative solutions that reach beyond the detail, connecting back to the larger design idea.  She leads others to do the same. Jennie has also helped to expand the firm’s approach to and understanding of  Sustainability through her work with NAIOP, the Stewardship Group, and contribution to our goal of being a truly just and equitable workplace.”

Ryan Kane’s passion for architecture is rooted in the belief that we can create better environments for the people that inhabit them. He carries this belief through all projects from large urban design projects down to small installations. With his background and expertise in visual design, he uses an array of software as powerful mediums to convey ideas and expressions. He is passionate about utilizing 3D tools available to help breakdown the complexities inherent in every project to help develop thoughtful and effective solutions.

Merilee Meacock, Partner at KSS says, “Ryan adds tremendous value to KSS through his ability to collaborate across the firm, connecting the visual story of projects during design and in support of marketing efforts. As a co-lead of the visualization practice group, Ryan has elevated the quality of design communication in the firm and empowers others at KSS as well as our clients to be more engage in design.”


Raymond Sova, AIA has experience across a variety of project types, sizes, and phases with particular focus on complex projects relating to higher education, specifically lab and engineering projects, and healthcare. As an architect, he is excited and driven by the shared responsibility of mediating and navigating complex issues/constraints in order to deliver functional and high-quality design solutions for clients, all while helping to build a better and brighter future.

Scot Murdoch, Partner at KSS says, “Ray embodies design forward leadership. For Ray, design is not an esoteric process, it is the force by which he captivates clients, inspires a team and gets things accomplished.  Ray is the kind of leader needed in a firm where design permeates all that we do. He effortlessly balances creativity with methodical solutions for some of the firm’s most dynamic and complex projects.”