Confidential Industrial Real Estate Client

Confidential Industrial Park

Confidential, DE

Project Details

This industrial park will be a five-building campus that uses a robust stormwater management system, biophilic design principles, and community engagement to create a holistic, unified experience. The campus design synergizes modern logistics, financial marketability, user wellness, community engagement, and green building design.

User wellness and environmental sustainability harmonize throughout this project across a variety of scales. Several strategic design interventions enhance user experience and create a sense of place, both within the campus and in relation to the local community. Chief among these interventions is the strategic inclusion of pocket parks and amenity spaces throughout the campus. These interventions employ shade, landscape buffering, and comfortable seating to provide moments of respite in spaces that would otherwise be noisy, uncomfortable, and hazardous.

The campus’s robust stormwater management system integrates a network of continuous, winding trails that loop around stormwater basins that allow building occupants and local community members to directly engage with nature and the surrounding landscape. This system will add beauty and biodiversity while creating an ecologically responsible, profitable space.

Further design features include: bird-friendly glazing on all buildings; clustered skylights near truck courts to enhance daylighting and wayfinding; roofs designed to accommodate solar arrays; glazing locations coordinated with optimal rack configurations to bring daylight to racking aisles; buffer zones to calm truck traffic and prioritize pedestrian experiences; on-campus athletic courts to encourage exercise and team-building; and thoughtful landscaping.

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