Design Results

  1. Foundation Collegiate Academy Addition & Renovation

    Foundation Academies

  2. We design to inspire and delight

    We create places that are gracious in context, and iconic to our clients’ communities. We design for impact, bringing to life innovative places of learning, commerce and community.

  3. North Star Academy 377 Washington

    Uncommon Schools

  4. 757 Concourse, Classical Charter School

    Civic Builders

  5. Multipurpose Annex Renovation

    Great Oaks Legacy Charter School

  6. 571 18th Avenue School

    Uncommon Schools

  7. KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy at Littleton Avenue

    KIPP New Jersey

  8. Teachers Village Building 5

    RBH Group

  9. 18th Avenue School

    TEAM Charter Schools

  10. Renovation and Addition

    The Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School

  11. North Star Academy Vailsburg

    Uncommon Schools

  12. University Heights Charter School

    Canyon-Agassi Charter School Facilities Fund

  13. Heketi Community Charter School

    Civic Builders

  14. Elementary Academy

    KIPP Philadelphia

  15. Widener Partnership Charter School

    Widener University

  16. Hyde Leadership Charter School

    Civic Builders

  17. Teacher's Village Building 2

    RBH Group

  18. Historic School

    Charter Client

  19. University Academy Charter High School

    New Jersey City University

  20. Golden Door Charter School

    Build With Purpose

  21. Newark Collegiate Academy

    TEAM Charter Schools

  22. North Star Academy Charter School

    Uncommon Schools